ATOPALM, the Leading K-Beauty Skincare Brand for Dry Sensitive Skin Contains the Only Formula of Its Kind in the World

The Maltese Formula in ATOPALM is the World’s Only Formula That Recovers Damaged Skin Barrier

In a competitive beauty industry that offers thousands of different products claiming to beautify skin and restore its youthful appearance, choosing the right skincare is difficult and can often lead consumers to spend a lot of money before finding something that is genuinely effective. ATOPALM, the leading K-Beauty skincare brand for dry, sensitive skin from South Korea has sought to end this search successfully as soon as possible with its skincare lines designed to recover the damaged skin barrier. ATOPALM’s mission has been understanding the root of dry, sensitive skin and how to recover healthy skin deeply, not simply offer temporary relief from symptoms. Understanding the structure of the skin barrier and developing a healing formula that recovers the healthy skin barrier has been the key to its success.

“We have geared our research and development to understanding exactly what causes skin to become dry, sensitive and prone to skin problems,” “By studying the skin barrier and its structure, we have been able to develop a bio-identical replacement that features the Maltese Cross structure found naturally in skin. We have found that replacing the organic skin barrier structure is the only effective way to recover the skin barrier and recover skin’s healthier appearance.” Restoring a healthy skin barrier leads to reduction in redness, irritation and the flaking and inflammation often associated with dry skin and outbreaks of skin issues. Clinical studies have proven the formula’s effectiveness in caring for dry, sensitive skin and restoring moisture loss and increasing hydration levels for extended periods.

ATOPALM products combine the Maltese Formula with other natural ingredients, including patented plant origin ceramides to bind water to the skin, vitamin E, olive fruit oil, phytosterols, and Allantoin to calm and soothe irritated skin, moisturize, and provide anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant.

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