G Power Gpskin Barrier device and Major K-Beauty Brand LaStella are Shaping the Future of Skincare

Clinic-level skincare at home is the wave of the future, rising from the K-Beauty and Digital Technology Collaboration

Skincare enthusiasts who aim to achieve a lustrous, healthy complexion and those who suffer from more serious skin issues like extremely sensitive skin alike are poised to benefit from the emerging collaboration of cutting-edge K-beauty science and digital technology. GPOWER, Inc., a Seoul-based company that has developed the world’s first personal skin barrier measurement device for at-home use, has contracted partnerships with several of the world’s leading skincare brands to provide consumers with a dermatologically-advanced, clinic-level skincare system.

The device measures water loss through the skin as well as hydration levels and sends the results via Bluetooth connection to an app installed to the user’s smartphone or tablet. The results are provided in numerical form, allowing the user to track their skin’s condition, along with suggestions for professional treatment. “Various at home clinical studies on this skincare system have proven the efficacy of measuring the skin and then caring for the skin with the partnered products,” said Joshua Han, CEO of Gpower. “While the main application of the device is for beautiful and healthy skin care, we also hope to increase the home use of the device for people who suffer more serious issues from dry and sensitive skin,” Hee Gang Song, CEO of LaStella said. “The skin barrier is very important to professional care for beautiful and healthy skin.”

Due to the affordability, convenience and effectiveness of the Gpskin Barrier and K-Beauty LaStella skincare combination, the demand for at-home skin measurement tools is expected to rise in the next five years, especially in light of the device’s ability to manage, monitor, and even help prevent chronic skin problems with the help of products such as LaStella Cellif Micro balm, an innovative K-Beauty product with a patented formula to recover the damaged skin barrier with healthy skin barrier, the key to effective care for sensitive skin.

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