Leading K-Beauty Brand, Real Barrier Launches Two Products for Acne Prone Skincare

Real Barrier Cicarelief Gel Balm and Cicarelief Serum Launch in the US to care for post Acne breakout care

Real Barrier, a leading K-Beauty brand that specializes in skincare for dry and sensitive skin, recently launched two new products in the US to help care for dry sensitive skin and for skin prone to outbreaks of acne. Real Barrier Cicarelief Gel Balm and Cicarelief Serum are designed to help reduce scarring from acne outbreaks as well as soothe redness and dryness and over time, to brighten the skin and contribute to an overall healthy, lustrous appearance. The “Real Barrier skincare line was designed to help people who suffer from dry, sensitive skin and other skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and acne, care for their skin and achieve a brighter, healthier complexion,” explains Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of NeoPharm USA, the company that developed and markets Real Barrier.

Cicarelief Serum helps diminish the appearance of post acne scars and aids in the recovery of healthier looking skin. Cicarelief Gel Balm provides moisture protection and all over to correct a dull complexion. Real Barrier Cicarelief Gel Balm and Cicarelief Serum contain more than 50% of Centella Asiatica, a medicinal herb native of Asia (known also as Gotu Kola) rich in amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids and numerous potent phytochemicals that are used in skincare to calm inflammation, speed wound healing and build collagen among other benefits.

Cicarelief Gel Balm and Cicarelief Serum contain a combination of a patented Maltese formula that strengthens the damaged skin barrier with a bio-identical healthy skin barrier structure and other safe, dermatologist tested ingredients such as Calamine, Allantoin and Panthenol. The soothing gel and serum both absorb easily into the skin without leaving a heavy or greasy residue. The pH level of the products is close to that of natural, healthy skin to help keep skin balanced and hydrated in all seasons.

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