Leading K-Beauty Scientist Receives Endorsement From Dermatological Field’s Leading Physicians

Foremost Dermatologist and New York Times Bestselling Author Names Dr. Raymond B.D Park of NeoPharm USA a “Julia Child of the skincare world”

In the Nov-Dec, 2014 issue of Professional Beauty Magazine, Australia’s leading business-to-business magazine for the Australian beauty industry, Dr. Raymond of NeoPharm USA is named as one of four skin scientists who are “the Julia Childs of the skincare world.” “They are often behind the scenes and their contributions are not always recognized,” the author wrote in her article titled, “Master Skincare Formulators.” “I refer to them as the Julia Childs of skincare because Julia used her scientific knowledge and aesthetic sensibilities to change the world of cooking.” She named these four scientists in her article because in her professional experience, their work could be relief upon to deliver results.

The author named Dr. Raymond specifically for his patented MLE formula found in ATOPALM and Real Barrier, two of K-beauty’s most popular skincare lines for sensitive and dry skin. The MLE formula contains a bio-identical structure of a healthy skin barrier to replace the damage skin barrier of dry, sensitive skin, including severely sensitive skin prone to ailments such as atopic dermatitis.

“To be endorsed this way in Professional Beauty Magazine is an incredible honor,” said Dr. Raymond, CEO of NeoPharm and developer of the MLE formula.

“When I set out over twenty years ago to develop the Maltese Formula.  I knew only that there was incredible potential in the discoveries of the scientists before me regarding ceramides to heal so many suffering from atopic dermatitis and psoriasis as well as dry, sensitive skin. I am truly grateful that the work of my team has been successful and to such an authority on skincare.”

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