Micro-Encapsulation System (MES) Technology in LaStella K-Beauty Line is Shaping the Trend in Skincare Science

Patented Microbeads in LaStella Skincare Line Maintains Maximum Potency and Hydration for the Skin Barrier

With the increase of environmental hazards that wear down the skin barrier and delete skin of precious moisture, skin science has had to develop the most advanced techniques to restore hydration and lengthen the amount of time that the skin remains hydrated between applications. LaStella, one of the leading K-Beauty brands for dry, sensitive skin recently released its line of K-Beauty care for dry skin with MES technology (Micro Encapsulation System) by which the ingredients are pressed into tiny beads that seal and protect them at maximum freshness and potency until the moment they are applied to the skin.

“The MES technology in LaStella skincare ensures the maximum benefits to the skin since the traditional method of stabilization can lead to decrease in the potency of the ingredients,” explains Hee Gang Song, CEO of Lastella the company that developed and markets LaStella. “The microbeads contain the strongest lamella structure that resembles the skin’s natural barrier and so when the ingredients are released from the microbeads, they can be most helpful for the skin barrier, because the patented Maltese formula that strengthens the skin barrier has been delivered to the skin at maximum potency.”

LaStella K-Beauty products like the LaStella Celiff Microbalm have been one of the most popular sellers through Hong Kong in recent years for dry, sensitive skin has been shaping the trend for future skincare. Because of its success in Asian skincare markets, LaStella has recently been launched in US through the www.dermartology.com website.

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