Top-selling K-Beauty brand, LaStella Launches in the US

After success in exclusive Hong Kong cosmeceutical market, LaStella brings its patented microbead skin barrier-protecting skincare line to the US.

Shelf space is at a premium in Bonjour, the highly competitive and exclusive skincare boutique chain through Hong Kong and Macau, and only the most popular and best-loved brands earn a display. LaStella, patented line of microbead skincare products has earned that honor for the last year. Such success has prepared LaStella for its launch onto the US cosmeceutical market where consumers will be able to benefit from LaStella’s capsule technology.

“We are thrilled to be bringing LaStella to consumers in the United States,” said Hee Gang Song, the creator and developer of the MES formula that makes up the key ingredient in LaStella’s microbead formuls. “I wanted to offer a line of products that delivers the absolute optimum effectiveness to the skin and my team and I have achieved that goal with LaStella.”

The microbead (and larger macrobeads) keep the ingredients at optimum freshness right up until the time of use. This technology was developed to combat the degeneration that ingredients undergo in their packaging during shipment and shelf storage time. The patented applicator presses and delivers the skin barrier moisturizing and repairing formula into the skin, allowing maximum hydration and nourishment. The complete line of LaStella skincare can be found on the product’s website,

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