Here’s Why 78 Percent of Influencers Gave Real Barrier For Men Fresh Moisturizer a Perfect Score.

“I love rubbing on his face after he uses it because it is as soft as a baby’s bum,” wrote one influencer. Here’s what others had to say.

After the recent launch of their new Real Barrier For Men skin care line, Real Barrier, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home ran a campaign for influencers through 0.8, a global reviewing platform that matches skin care products with reviewers. The response for Real Barrier For Men Skin Care line was enthusiastic, demonstrating a definite need for skin care for the specific needs of men’s skin. Since men’s skin tends to produce more sebum and is thicker, men’s skin can be prone to oily and combination skin that has difficulty retaining hydration. Also, the process of shaving, sometimes more than once per day, can irritate the skin barrier, causing roughness. Real Barrier Men’s Fresh Moisturizer is formulated to care for these challenges to men’s skin barrier.

The campaign included text reviews from 23 influencers, nearly 80 percent of which were perfect scores. The influencers, all women, had given the Real Barrier For Men Fresh Moisturizer to the men in their lives to try and then wrote about the results. Prominent praise of the moisturizer was the pleasant citrusy, masculine scent and light, quickly absorbed texture. Some reviews also revealed that Real Barrier Men For Men Fresh Moisturizer also improved skin’s texture and appearance and won over men who previously were not concerned with taking care of the skin or who ended up preferring this product to the one they’d been using.

“My husband works on diesel rigs on the side of the road and the pollution and sun beat on him 12 to 14 hours a day,” one influencer wrote. “His skin has definitely paid the price. In just over a week, the difference is not only visibly noticeable but much softer to the touch as well. We both highly recommend this moisturizer for any man of any skin type!”

Another influencer reported, “Real Barrier is one of my favorite K-beauty brands. It was only natural to introduce my husband to the Real Barrier for Men Fresh Moisturizer. It has a light, clean scent. My husband used this after shaving and his face was so soft and smooth. It is not greasy at all. Lightweight and absorbs in the skin well Real Barrier For Men Fresh Moisturizer will be a new product my husband uses daily. He is a blue collar worker and mechanic so his hands are rough. He definitely needs the moisture. Turns out he likes this better than his regular brand lotion. I like how soft his hands are now. Honestly I’m so glad to see men skincare products. They need to take care of their skin just like we do.”

This moisturizer, as well as all three products in the line features custom ingredients to help solve the naturally occurring problems with men’s skin. It contains Allantoin to help soothe and the naturals…Orange Peel Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Bergamot Fruit Oil, Bitter Orange Peel Oil and Evening Primrose Flower Extract. For more details, visit and for more reviews, visit

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