Real Barrier For Men All In One Wash Gets a Nearly-Perfect Score From Influencers

Real Barrier for Men Line is formulated to balance the unique issues men’s skin faces is a success with influencers. Here’s what some of them are saying.

In a recent review campaign of Real Barrier For Men All In One Face Wash, part of Real Barrier’s recently launched men’s K-beauty skin care line, twelve influencers gave the product Five star reviews and twelve gave the product four stars. The two one-star reviews on the product statistics revealed that the reviewers were still waiting for their product to arrive and would update their review once they’d received it and had a chance to use it. The 5-Star reviews included a perfect score for three product qualities: effective in cleansing, hydration and absorbability while the four-star reviews resulted in an average score for the three categories. In the 4-Star grouping, many of the scores were over 4 when the three category scores were averaged. For example, some reviewers scored assigned a 5 to two categories but a 3.5 in the third, resulting in a 4.5, or near-perfect score that was then grouped into a 4-star rating category. Here is a sampling of influencers’ text reviews:

“I got it since my husband is always talking about how much he likes it when I get him skincare samples (yes, he does use skincare now). Anyways, he tried this wash for the past week and really enjoyed it! He said that a little goes a long way and that he feels actually clean, no weird film residue on his skin! He definitely wants to use it up and already asked where can we get another bottle once he finishes this one!” – Beautystyliss16

“No tightness or dry feeling at all, just was left feeling very clean & fresh. My son LOVES it! He loves the rich texture & says it’s great as a body wash too, not to mention, it smells fantastic! This was a huge hit w him & me! I’d definitely recommend this to others!” – shauna urban

“My son really enjoys this body wash, and the smell is clean, without being overpowering or bothersome. He states his skin feels clean and moisturized, and that he’d recommend this to friends and family.” – Kelly L Cole

Real Barrier, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level sensitive and combination skincare at home recently launched their All In One for Men’s line. The simple, clean line of three products, is formulated to balance men’s skin, which, because of different hormones, is more prone to a combination of dryness, sebum oils and roughness, also from daily shaving. For more information, visit

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