Offers Help For the Sensitive Skin-Care Confused

Which K-Beauty Line is the Best For Your Sensitive Skin? explains the science behind its patented skin barrier formulas to help customers decide which formula is best for their skin.

In the last decade, Dr. Raymond Labs, K-Beauty’s leading skincare company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home has developed two major patented formulas for restoring the skin barrier and enabling the outermost layer of skin to draw in and hold crucial hydration to defend itself against the harsh elements and environmental pollutants.

On its Dermartology K-Beauty supermarket site, the company offers numerous lines dedicated to helping restore the lustrous healthy appearance of sensitive skin for all ages, but with abundance can come confusion. To help customers understand what each formula does for the skin, offers an informational video and written explanation of the basics of each formula, enabling customers to match a formula to their needs.

“On the website, we explain the different between the first generation MLE formula that is in ATOPALM, Real Barrier and several other of our lines, and the second generation Crystal Lamella MES in our most recent release, CURECODE with NEUROMIDE,” explains Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr. Raymond Labs and “It’s proven to be a wonderful help to people who have sensitive and dry skin because the special cross pattern of it mimics the natural lipid layer of healthy skin, effectively “tricking” the skin into thinking the healthy lipid layer has been naturally restored. This begins the natural process of your skin self protecting and hydrating – resulting in clearer, healthier, brighter skin.

“In our second generation formula, CURECODE with NEUROMIDE, the lipids form an orthorhombic crystal lamella structure, the strongest skin barrier lamella. This is because the body recognizes the ceramides and phytosterol with NEUROMIDE as its own lipid structure,” Dr. Park added. “Understanding the difference between these two formulas gives customers the information they need to make informed choices in skin care, which is our primary mission.”

For more details and to watch the informational video, visit:

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