CURECODE Skin Care Hopes to Reach 2 Million People With Skin Challenges through Indiegogo Campaign

CURECODE, the microbiome’s natural skin care brand that works with the skin barrier is offering reduced-price pre-orders to enable mass production to help as many people with sensitive, irritated skin as possible.

CURECODE, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal to reach two million people who suffer from skin challenged by irritating sensitivity and dryness.

CURECODE is the world’s first skin care line with a patented ingredient called NEUROMIDE, that works to trigger the skin’s barrier repair system by working as a metabolite of the microbiome associated with calming skin irritation. By offering pre-orders at prices significantly reduced from the retail price, Dr. Raymond Labs, the company that developed and markets CURECODE, hopes to raise enough funds for mass production.

“Our goal for CURECODE has been to develop a skin care line with patented ingredients that really work to repair the skin barrier, an essential component especially for people with very dry, sensitive and hypersensitive skin,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr. Raymond Labs. “CURECODE is formulated as intensive care for all skin types but especially in the case of a weakened skin barrier that is unable to draw in and hold hydration and becomes dry, often itchy and irritated. However, the line also has a lotion that is good for oily skin that needs hydration, which is often the case for combination skin and skin with heavy sebum production.”

The CureCode line consists of four products, each formulated to help with certain conditions:

  • Double Barrier Cream for dry skin. For daily moisturization to reduce dryness and sensitivity
  • Soothing Relief Gel for sensitive skin. A gel texture that provides light moisturization and brings cooling relief to overheated skin.
  • Double Barrier Lotion for oily and combination skin. Balances oil and hydration levels.
  • Intensive Care Ointment for itchy skin and severe dryness. Helps rough, itchy skin.

“Indiegogo is a perfect platform to launch CURECODE,” Dr. Raymond added. “Our primary mission has been to bring relief to troubled skin as swiftly and affordably as possible. Crowdfunding puts the production in the hands of the people who need the product the most.”

To learn more about Curecode and meet the creators, visit

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