K-Beauty Site for Sensitive Skin Care Announces Deep Discounted Black Friday Sale

Some of the hottest deals in K-Beauty are available off the Dermartology’s site-wide Black Friday Sale, Nov. 25 – 29 with a site-wide 55% discount on all brands.

Dr. Raymond Labs, K-Beauty’s leading skincare company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home announces a Black Friday Sale, effective November 25th, 2019 Friday, November 29th. All brands on the company’s website, are 55% off, applied at checkout.

The brands have sensitive and dry skin types covered for all seasons, aiding skin in need of more intensive skin care through hot and cold, dry and overly hot and moist environments. The top-selling brands in Korea have become available everywhere online and Dr. Raymond Labs has launched lines for ATOPALM maternity care, Real barrier men’s skin care, ZEROID and CURECODE, clinic-level skin care, as well as their patented spa-level micro-capsule LaStella line, a best-seller in Hong Kong’s exclusive Bonjour boutique chain.

“Our mission from the beginning to get as many people with sensitive and dry skin to try our brands with patented skin barrier repair formulas and see that they really work. Our Black Friday sale is one of the most aggressive discount sales we can offer in the K-Beauty market so that people can not only try the products for themselves but hopefully buy them for the people they care about who might suffer from challenged skin to try and get relief,” said Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr. Raymond Labs. “We want all skin types for people of all ages to be able to enjoy healthy, beautiful skin.”

Examples of the discounts available on the site are:

  • Save 22.00 USD on ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream – only 20.45 USD from 42.00
  • Save 17.10 USD on ATOPALM Maternity Care Massage Oil – only 20.90 USD from 38.00
  • Save 13.05 on Curecode Double Barrier Cream with Neuromide – only 15.95 USD from 29.00
  • Save 11.70 on Real Barrier for Men All in One Moisturizer – only 14.30 USD from 26.00
  • Save 20.25 USD on Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream Mask 10-pack – Only 24.75 USD from 45.00
  • Save 15.75 on LaStella Aqua Quenching Gel – Only 19.25 USD from 35.00
  • Save 14.40 on Zeroid Dermarenewal Reviztalizing Ampoule – Only 17.60 USD from 32.00

For more information on all the brands and to take advantage of the Black Friday deals, visit

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