Leading K-Beauty Company, Dr. Raymond Labs Launches CureCode Intensive Care Ointment For Severely Dry, Irritated Skin

CureCode Intensive Care Ointment, with patented Neuromide, the “smart” skin care ingredient, is a rich balm-type cream that provides quick, intensive care for severely dry, irritated, itchy or rough skin.

Skin can become severely dry, irritated and itchy for a number of reasons, among them, harsh weather, dermatological treatments, or other outbreaks or reactions. When skin is experiencing such challenges, a cream that provides immediate soothing and calming of the redness, itchiness and highly uncomfortable tightness that can accompany them. Dr. Raymond Labs, K-Beauty’s leading skincare company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home, has launched CureCode Intensive Care Ointment to meet the immediate needs of skin suffering severe dryness, irritation, itch, or roughness.

The thick but non-greasy and easily absorbed ointment coats skin with an immediately soothing layer. CureCode Intensive Care Ointment, safe for all ages and skin types, is formulated with the patented ingredient Neuromide, which acts as a metabolite of the body’s own skin microbiome, a very similar ceramide structure that help  the skin’s own built in recovery system.

“Our CureCode line is targeted for people who experience the kind of dry skin that feels chapped,” said Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr. Raymond Labs. “The long chain ceramides have a stronger lamella structure than regular ceramides, enabling them to render the skin more firm and to hold in more hydration for longer periods.”

CureCode Intensive Care Ointment contains other key ingredients that support skin’s recovery and health. A targeted blend of pro-biotics and pre-biotics help skin build and maintain a healthy microbiome for a healthy texture and appearance. St. John’s Wort, an herb used for centuries in skin care to soothe and rebuild disturbed skin, helps to calm down and take the burning sting out of severely dry, irritated skin.

The Neuromide has been reported to increase ceramide synthesis by 150 to 180 percent, which is what makes CureCode Intensive Care Ointment ideal for helping soothe and moisturize ultra-sensitive skin and skin that is severely dry or irritated. More information can be found on the product’s page here: https://www.dermartology.com/Intensive-Care-Ointment-p/40001.htm.

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