Dr. Raymond Patented Second Generation Maltese Formula for Extreme Dry Skin in Korea

The first generation Maltese Formula in Dr. Raymond Labs ATOPALM and Real Barrier brands skyrocketed to well-earned popularity in South Korea as the only bio-identical structure that strengthens a compromised skin barrier, relieving dryness and irritation in sensitive skin. Now the second generation Maltese Formula in CURECODE is the skin barrier’s super ally. Here’s what it is and how it works.

Dr. Raymond Labs, K-Beauty’s leading skincare company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home had already produced the Multi-Lamellar Emusion (MLE) that perfectly imitated a healthy skin barrier structure that incorporates itself into the skin barrier. Now, the company has built on the formula that has already earned its founder the nickname of “Julia Childs of skin science” and patented the second generation of Maltese formula in its most recent CURECODE line: Crystal Lamella MES.

The difference in the first generation Maltese Formula and the new Crystal Lamella MES is in the structure. Both the first generation and second generation formulas are designed to flawlessly mimic healthy skin’s natural lamellar lipid, so that once applied, actually take the place of the damaged lipid layer “tricking” the skin into thinking the healthy lipid layer has been naturally restored. This begins the natural process of your skin self protecting and hydrating – resulting in clearer, healthier skin. However, the second generation formula has been upgraded into an arsenal that can care for more extreme cases of skin dryness and sensitivity.

“The second generation formula in CURECODE is a lamella orthorhombic crystal structure,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr. Raymond Labs. “The MES contains our patented Neuromide as well as ceramides and phytosterol which the body recognizes as its own structure. On top of helping the skin protect and hydrate itself once again, crystal lamella MES also aids dry, sensitive skin that is mild and safe enough for babies but powerful and effective for even the most severe skin conditions.”

More information on CureCode and how it works is available at https://www.dermartology.com/How-It-Works-s/179.htm

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