K-Beauty’s ATOPALM Kids Foaming Hand Wash Wins Over Little Hand Washers

A recent 0.8L Try Campaign of ATOPALM Kids Foaming Hand Wash garners enthusiastic review from parents whose kids loved hand washing with it. A boon for good hygiene, especially in a time when hand washing is a crucial practice for health.

ATOPALM K-Beauty’s leading skincare company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, recently launched a Kids skin care line, including a foaming hand wash designed to inspired good handwashing habits in children by making handwashing fun and enjoyable. Their intention paid off in a recent 0.8L Try Campaign of ATOPALM Kids Foaming Hand Wash. An abundance of reviews from parents who tried the product with their children, reported the little ones loved the smell and feel of the hand wash and really got into the activity. Here is a sampling of reviews attesting to the positive influence of the product on little hand washers:

“ATOPALM Kids Foaming Handsoap was a delightful experience!! I have 4 kids who get their little hands dirty OFTEN each day!! When i put the Atopalm Foaming Hand Soap in the bathroom for them to use i heard lots of ooh’s and ahh’s!!! They loved the foaming soap concept as well as the fresh citrus scent! In my opinion that’s a win win for me and my family! Our hands were left feeling clean and soft after every single use! I would definitely recommend ATOPALM Kids Foaming Hand Soap to families or even just for yourself to use!! Great product!! Thanks So Much
“It’s not always easy to get my son to willingly (and without being told) wash his hands, but ever since we’ve had the chance to try ATOPALM Kids Foaming Hand Wash he is washing them frequently and tells me he loves the scent. I love that it’s gentle and effective and only a tiny amount is needed for great results, which avoids unnecessary soap waste that comes along with regular liquid soap. It’s a great way to make the kids involved with their own hygiene needs. If you have a little one I highly recommend it
“My kids love the foaming experience, the smell is really good and it leaves your hands smelling good and soft.”
A blend of witch hazel, coconut oil, lavender and other gentle ingredients make ATOPALM Kids Foaming Hand Wash safe and effective for all skin types and all ages. The hand wash comes in a pump bottle of 8.1 fl oz and retails for 13.99 USD but is available for a discounted price of 11.19 USD from the company’s dermartology.com website. 

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