K-Beauty’s Real Barrier Extreme Cream Gains Traction With Instagram Celebs Through Octoly

Real Barrier, a giant K-Beauty brand out of South Korea has been gaining traction in the worldwide market thanks to its warm reception from influencers, both in the nano and celebrity categories. Thanks to a recent partnership with Octoly, Real Barrier Extreme Cream has been finding scores of new fans.

Real Barrier, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, with a special focus on dry and sensitive skin types, has been finding devoted users in recent years as the company markets the brand outside of South Korea, where it rose to the top of the market since launch. Through a recent partnership with Octoly, the leading influencer marketing platform connecting brands with influencers, Real Barrier Extreme Cream caught the attention of several high-profile influencers. By collaborating with these influencers, Real Barrier has succeeded in raising awareness and excitement for the product by leveraging these influencers’ opinions to reach almost 1 million people on Instagram in under 60 days.

“Teaming up with Octoly has been an exciting opportunity. In a marketplace that is heavily competitive, Octoly has been very helpful in finding K-beauty enthusiasts out there who may not yet know about our brand but who would benefit from it. We have found several compatible celebrity influencers such as Hildatravels, an influencer with 63,400 followers,” said Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr. Raymond Labs, the company that developed and markets Real Barrier. “Just one post generates hundreds and sometimes over a thousand views in a few hours, and the word of mouth spreads from there, making thousands more people aware of our brand as time passes.”

The marketing tactic of connecting the brand with influencers has been successful in reaching those in need of products that aid overly dry and sensitive skin in getting through harsh weather, environmental toxins, and in some cases, post-acne care and aid with challenges such as itchy, red, chapped skin. Real Barrier Extreme Cream has garnered popularity with its patented formula, developed for those who require serious skin care. With long lasting moisture benefits that are derived from a combination of specialty ingredients, it helps to repair a damaged skin barrier by forming a real skin barrier protecting membrane.

Melanie Rodriguez, VP of North America for Octoly, said, “Our influencer community has responded incredibly well to Real Barrier, I think because of its unique position in the market. K-Beauty has enjoyed a rapidly growing fanbase here in the US in recent years, but Real Barrier has been able to set itself apart from the rest by focusing on the more clinical skincare needs of niche markets. It has been exciting not only to see these campaigns sell out quickly, but also the response from these influencers once they try the products – they are genuinely big fans of the products they’re using!”

The cream also contains Idealift, a skin firmness-boosting compound, which firms up sagging skin. The MLE® skin barrier formula recreates the Maltese cross structure found inside healthy skin, recreating skin compounds and structure that is the most similar to real skin, strengthening weakened skin barrier and keeping skin moist from deep inside, creating a 72-hour moisturizing effect. In addition, a Three-calming Complex soothes and protects skin with a blend of panthenol, madecassoside, and Allantoin;

More information can be found on the product’s web page.

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