Dermartology: The Art and Science of Skin Barrier Solutions Goes Behind the Scenes of a K-Beauty Company

Dr. Raymond Labs’ latest book offers both an intimate memoir and exclusive inside tour of the company that has developed and markets some of K-Beauty’s foremost brands

There are some of the foremost K-Beauty brands featured in Dermartology: The Art and Science of Skin Barrier Solutions, (Dr. Raymond Publications, April 22, 2020) the book that offers an exclusive tour of the skin care products that have not only found their way into the daily routines of models and K-pop stars, but also of many people around the world with sensitive skin, over dry skin and skin that needs extra special care from daily environmental stresses.

Narrated by Dr. Raymond himself, the skin care scientist acclaimed as one of the four “Julia Childs of skin care” by Dr. Leslie Baumann, author of New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned dermatologist, Dermartology: The Art and Science of Skin Barrier Solutions is divided into two sections: a personal memoir that exposes the raw, honest and inspirational forces that create a scientist devoted to healing skin, and part two, a behind the scenes tour into the ongoing mission to expand the range of brands with exclusive, patented formulas that have gathered devoted clients worldwide because of their effectiveness at beautifying and improving skin’s texture and health.

Dr. Raymond Labs has been in the forefront of the most advanced technology for skin barrier restoration and patented anti-aging formulas that have helped hundreds of thousands of clients find calmer, healthier more lustrous skin by strengthening the skin barrier and helping the skin restore its own natural defenses against the harsh elements and environmental toxins that dry it out and leave it vulnerable to skin challenges and premature aging.

Dermartology: The Art and Science of Skin Barrier Solutions in full color, is available both in e-book format (2.99 USD) and trade paperback (25.99 USD) from Amazon.

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