Zeroid Releases Special Edition Influencer Compilation Video for Zeroid Intensive Cream

A selection of Instagram’s most popular influencers give the reasons they have made Zeroid Intensive Cream part of their daily K-Beauty routines for troubled dry and combination skin

Zeroid, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, with a special focus on dry, combination and sensitive skin types, has released a compilation video of skin care influencers who have raved over Zeroid Intensive Cream. Due to the overwhelming number of positive responses from influencers who reviewed Zeroid Intensive Cream, the company has pulled out highlights that encapsulate the overall responses they have received from the many influencers who have used and love it.

“We have been excited to receive so many positive responses, to see how many people with combination skin and very dry, troubled skin have found something that cares for their skin barrier in a way they have never experienced before,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, developer and CEO of Zeroid. “But since there is not enough space on the website to show all the reviews, and due to everyone’s busy schedules who are searching for the skin care they need, the video we produced has distilled the essence of positive responses to the precise effects people who used Zeroid Intensive Cream experienced.”

“I’ve always struggled to find a cream that actually works to heal and/or prevent my skin from splitting and cracking. The Zeroid cream actually WORKS! My skin absorbs this very easily,” wrote KimberlyWest1003, a microinfluencer whose excerpt appears in the review. The influencers highlighted in the video range in followers from 2k to 16k and were handpicked for Zeroid through 0.8L, a global reviewing platform that connects brands with influencers.

Zeroid has been Korea’s number one dermocosmetic brand for the last ten years, gaining international notice when a video of K Pop star daily skin care routine that includes Zeroid. Zeroid Intensive Cream is a daily use, serious treatment for extremely dry and troubled skin. This rich cream contains patented MLE ® technology which helps rebuild the natural skin barrier. Patented Defensamide ® and ceramides aid in keeping the skin deeply moisturized and soothed while Squalane imparts long lasting moisture, helping to keep skin feeling soft and silky.

For more information and a complete ingredients list, visit the product’s webpage.

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