Dr. Raymond Labs Launches Dermartlogy Ageless Serum With the Natural Alternative to Retinol

This all in one serum is infused with a wrinkle reducing, skin brightening and barrier strengthening complex of Sytenol A, dermaceutical’s natural alternative to Retinol in addition to patented anti-aging and brightening ingredients available at Dermartology.com

Dr. Raymond Labs, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, with a special focus on dry and sensitive skin types recently launched Dermartlogy Ageless Serum, a silky, rejuvenating serum formulated with specialty ingredients that can help strengthen, brighten and moisturize skin.

This all in one serum is infused with a wrinkle reducing, skin brightening and barrier strengthening complex of Sytenol A, Aquatide , Dualguard-9 ™, Defensamide.

Sytenol A (Bakuchiol) is the first plant-derived, natural alternative to Retinol for anti-aging. It mimics the results achieved by using Retinol based products, but without the harsh side effects. Clinical test results show that it helps reduce the multiple signs of aging, wrinkles and dullness, but with better skin tolerance.

Aquatide, a new peptide derivative which provides a more continuous anti-oxidant impact when compared to the more familiar Vitamin C. The serum also contains patented Dualguard-9 ™ to help stimulate the production of collagen which can result in skin brightening.

Another specialty ingredient is patented MLE skin barrier technology which mimics the natural lamellar lipids of the skin to help rebuild and improve the natural skin barrier. And, patented Defensamide , to help stimulate the production of anti-microbial peptides which act as a natural anti-biotic to aid in improving and reinforcing the functions of the skin barrier and self-defense system. And, for skin brightening, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). The combination of all of these ingredients also aids in protecting the skin against the stresses of the environment.

Additionally, the serum contains a skin soothing complex of 50% Centella Asiatica Extract, the hydrating “skin saver” that not only calms and soothes, but also acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant.

For more information and complete ingredients list, please visit the product’s webpage.

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