ATOPALM Launches ATOPALM Face Cream in its Line for Baby’s Skin

ATOPALM, the K-Beauty company that cares for all skin as if it were still baby’s skin, added ATOPALM Face Cream to its ATOPALM MLE Baby Line

ATOPALM, the brand that originally rose to prominence in Korea as care for baby’s skin to soothe rashes and other skin challenges, rapidly expanded to multiple lines for all skin types and ages. Even though the company has since produced variations to accommodate different needs and age groups, the original formula, gentle and protective of baby’s skin, is still the heart and soul. As ATOPALM rises to international recognition with the world’s only skin barrier care that mimics the identical structure of a healthy skin barrier, ATOPALM is returning a sector of its marketing and formulation back to the original core: caring for baby’s skin. The MLE Baby Line, dedicated to protecting and soothing the skin barrier at the youngest age and preparing it for a healthy life, has added ATOPALM Face Cream.

“AT ATOPALM our mission has been to care for all skin types the way a loving parent cares for its child’s skin. I know, because I originally treated my infant son with it when he broke out with a harsh case of atopic dermatitis,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, developer and CEO of ATOPALM. “The MLE Baby Line contains the formula that grew from that original care and made our brand what it is today and threads through all our products and lines.”

ATOPALM Face Cream is a rich, moisturizing cream developed for the skin on the face that is continuously exposed to the elements, outside and inside. It contains patented MLE and Ceramide-9S ( tm), both of which help to reinforce the skin barrier and hydrate the face protecting the skin from stresses of the environment as well as Vitamin B-5 to nourish and Vitamin E for added protection against the elements.

ATOPALM Face Cream is also fortified with Bisabolol and Allantoin to soothe, broccoli extract and vegetable seed oils (Grape, Safflower, Sunflower and Jojoba) to moisturize and Green Tea Seed Oil which acts as an anti-oxidant to protect the skin. Even the light, fresh fragrance is naturally derived to be gentle to baby’s face.

More information and links to the complete MLE Baby Line can be found on the product’s webpage.

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