Here’s why K-Beauty Instagram Star Togi Now Uses CureCode Soothing Relief Gel Every Day

Togi is a high-profile beauty influencer on South Korea’s most exclusive influencing platform as well as Instagram with 56-thousand followers. Recently, Togi reviewed CureCode Soothing Relief Gel, complete with photos and videos chronicling the improvement in her dry, sensitive skin. Here’s what she loved about it and why.

The Beaustar influencers in South Korea are the gold standard for skin care reviews in South Korea. Recently, Togi, a Beaustar blogger and Instagram star recently reviewed CureCode Soothing Relief Gel, an intensive skin barrier repair gel from Dr. Raymond Labs, one of K-beauty’s game changing dermacosmetic skin care development companies with a focus on dry and sensitive skin types.

Togi explained that with the cold weather, her skin dries out. She can actually feel the harsh winds breaking down her skin barrier. But CureCode Soothing Relief Gel improved the condition of her skin after only the first two days. “It quickly supplied moisture to my dry skin,” she said, displaying the improvement with accompanying photos of the increased hydration and smoother texture of her skin. Cure Code Soothing Relief Gel “Doesn’t my skin look so healthy after applying it? I don’t feel like my skin looks sensitive at all. Moist and healthy without feeling unpleasant tightness. Finished with healthy, glowing skin.”

CureCode Soothing Relief Gel is a light, quick-absorbing, non-greasy gel that helps repair the dry, sensitive skin barrier and protect it against harsh environments, as explained in Togi’s review. Patented Neuromide delivers into the skin to strengthen and repair it from the inside. Prebiotics and postbiotics foster a healthy skin microbiome, and St. John’s Wort, an herb used for centuries to treat damaged skin soothes and calms, helping to restore a healthful complexion. If you compare before after, the skin looks brighter because it is supplied properly,” wrote Togi. “The radiance that you can feel on the outside is also different, right? The skin was sensitive, but the soothing effect of Neuromide, diminished the sensitivity and it became comfortable. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my skin is these days.”

For more information and a complete ingredients list, visit the product’s webpage.

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