K-Beauty Brand LaStella Launches a Clinic-Level Zamak Applicator Anti-Aging Ampoule Designed Especially for Mouth and Eye Area

LaStella Premier Ampoule Serum is formulated especially for the delicate and unique and and mouth areas. Packed with patented lifting anti-wrinkle ingredients, the serum helps safely rejuvenate without injections.

For years LaStella has distinguished itself as a luxurious anti-aging spa-level skincare that is also budget-friendly and easily available. With the launch of the LaStella Premier Ampoule Serum for the mouth and eye areas,  Packed with skin barrier K-Beauty technology, LaStella Premier Ampoule Serum for the mouth and eye areas helps lift and contour the skin to aid in restoring firmness and reducing fine lines.

The serum contains Syn-Hycan helps increase elasticity by boosting hyaluronic acid (known to attract moisture to the skin) to aid in escalating skin firmness. “SYN®-HYCAN is a patented cosmetic tripeptide ingredient  proven to boost skin’s own renewal of hyaluronic acid while at the same time binding to collagen in the skin and boosting its renewal into stronger, more resilient skin. The result is a visible remodeling effect and firmer, more moisturized skin.”

The ampoule also contains a patented crystal lamellar MES formulation that helps strengthen and firm the skin barrier of the delicate areas around the eyes that have a tendency to collapse. Aquaxyl acts as a shield again dehydration in the skin, helping it to retain its natural moisture by reinforcing the synthesis of essential lipids and proteins involved in the organization of the skin barrier. The result is visible smoothing of the skin’s surface.

Derma Chlorella, derived from sun-kissed sea algae, helps skin glow and reduce the appearance of lines by delivering a powerful level of B vitamins and, helps collagen synthesis, binding and strengthening the connection between collagen tissue in the skin, helping to brighten dark circles under the eyes as well as smooth skin and reduce appearance of tiny lines.

Additional ingredients include Allantoin to soothe and Squalane, packed with anti-oxidants and hydrating power for additional moisturization and detoxification for skin cells. Camellia Japonica Flower and Seed Extracts full of Omega 6 essential fatty acids help create a more vibrant appearance by boosting hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

More details and a complete ingredient list can be found on the product’s webpage.

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