Launches dermArtlogy Gel Moisturizer, For Super-Concentrated Skin Protection Against Aging and Environmental Stresses

This translucent gel-type K-Beauty moisturizer is formulated with dermaceuticals scientifically-proven to make skin appear noticeably younger. While you may recognize the ingredients in other brands, there is one you will only find here at and it’s in dermArtlogy’s Gel Moisturizer.

“Our mission for dermArtlogy Gel Moisturizer began with the understanding that first, aging alone is a huge obstacle to skin care, as the skin’s own substances and processes of renewal become depleted and slow down, and second, aging combined with harsh environments, toxins and the stresses that everyday life can present make keeping skin beautiful an unending battle. This Gel Moisturizer is our solution to this battle. By packing it with all the bio-identical antioxidants, enzymes, hydrators, cell renewal stimulators and healthy skin barrier structure into one product we are giving skin exactly what it needs to complete the processes that younger, stronger skin has in its arsenal,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr. Raymond Lab.

The MLE Skin Barrier Technology help strengthen a weakened skin barrier by introducing and synthesizing the exact structure of a healthy skin barrier. Syn-Hycan is a patented peptide that boosts the skin’s own capacity to pull in and hold in hydration.

Resveratrol contributes to the increase of collagen, SOD is a powerful anti-oxidant that aids in blocking cell damaging radicals. Aquatide is a new peptide derivative which is known to protect against anti-oxidants and has a proven efficacy equivalent to Vitamin C. Glutathione is another strong anti-oxidant which helps support the skin’s normal immune system and can also detoxify.

Infused with the complex of Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and Zinc Gluconate, it helps to soothe sensitive and acne prone skin as well as fight against the bacteria that can clog cells and lead to acne. And, ADfence-P ™ aids in controlling oil production. And, for skin brightening, it has 4% of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). For extra moisturization it contains some natural oils…jojoba, grape, safflower and sunflower seed oil.

A complete ingredients list and purchase information can be found on the product’s webpage.

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