Why Beaustar Influencer Yea Seu Lee Fell in Love With CURECODE Intensive Care Ointment

CURECODE Intensive Care Ointment is fast earning its place on the go to dry, sensitive skincare routines of some of K-Beauty’s most exclusive influencers. K-Beauty Influencer Sweet Yea Seu Lee shares her praise of the first “smart” skin care brand to hit the market.

The Beaustar influencers in South Korea are the gold standard for skin care reviews in South Korea. Recently, Yea Seu Lee, a Beaustar blogger and Instagram influencer with more than 50 thousand followers, reviewed CURECODE Intensive Care Ointment on her beauty and fashion blog. CURECODE Intensive Care Ointment is K-Beauty’s first ever “smart” skin care with the patented super ceramide formula Neuromide and triple-biotics, formulated to stimulate the healing properties within the skin’s own biome for faster calming and skin barrier restoration.

Yea Seu Lee, like many people, suffers from dry, sensitive skin that worsens in the harsh winter weather, yet is dry all year long. She needs to keep moisturizers on hand every time she takes care of her skin and was highly satisfied with the ointments soft texture and effect of making her dry skin feel “filled up. “[CURECODE Intensive Care OintmentIt was highly concentrated, but it was much softer than I thought,” she wrote in her extensive review. “It feels like a more dense filling! In particular, I was worried that it would be oily because it had a lot of oil. It is [an ointment] that has a soft finish different from what I thought. Soft on the outside, yet I felt as if the inside of my skin was filled up with nourishing moisture.”

“Those who can’t apply anything because their skin is so sensitive these days, or, if you want to give your skin the moisture it needs without being greasy, if you try it, you will be satisfied,” Yea Seu Lee added. “Of course it is not sticky when I use it. It soaked in quickly and had a soft finish overall. It is comfortable without stickiness while being wrapped with moisture.”

CURECODE Intensive Care Ointment contains an arsenal of intensive skin care ingredients, including patented Neuromide, formulated to act as a metabolite of the portion of the gut microbiome that helps calm skin irritation, launching the body’s own built in healing process. Ceramide NP also boosts the ceramide levels in the skin barrier, actually stimulating the skin into believing it’s healthy and building itself up the way a strong skin barrier does. St. John’s Wort and a blend of skin nourishing natural oils and sunflower boost the skin’s nutrient levels while helping to calm and hydrate.

CURECODE Intensive Cream is perfect for treating small areas that needs extra intensive coverage and protection that creams and lotions don’t provide. More information and a complete ingredient list can be found on the product page of the company’s website.

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