Real Barrier Cica Relief Cream Gets A Near-Perfect Score From Influencers in Search of “the big guns” in Calming Skin and Protecting the Skin Barrier

Instagram influencers with dry, sensitive and combination skin raved over Real Barrier Cica Relief Cream, K-Beauty’s top brand, for making good on the promise of calming and soothing effects on breakouts and everyday irritations that challenge their skin types. Here’s why 100 percent who reviewed the product intend to buy it again.

Real Barrier, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, with a special focus on dry and sensitive skin types, recently tested Real Barrier Cica Relief Cream with Instagram influencers through 0.8L, a global reviewing platform that connects influencers with brands. The campaign has resulted in an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews and thumbs up from those who loved the product’s calming relief on their irritated skin.

One influencer who is already a devoted fan of Real Barrier, wrote, “Real Barrier and Atopalm are absolutely my favorite k beauty brands. The brand makes excellent skin care with sensitive skin and healing in mind…Everything I have tried from them I have loved. The Cica Relief Cream is no exception to that. I love it. Cica is one of my favorite ingredients as well for skin care. It soothes and calms skin. The Real Barrier Cica Relief Cream soothes, heals, and moisturizes. It works great on sensitive skin. This is made with calamine to help protect the skin from outside irritation. This also works perfect for poison ivy and poison oak and sumac. You can also use it on burns. Cica also helps heal breakouts and irritations. Hands down I would recommend this!

This is a great cream that’s made for peeling, red, and irritated skin,” wrote another influencer. “This is a hypoallergenic cream you use when you need to bring out the big guns. It’s a thicker cream that you can use to spot treat or add a layer onto your skin to help soothe and moisturize the skin…I’m constantly impressed with how good the Real Barrier products are and my skin loves them …This cream is a skin saver and I really recommend if you’re currently dealing with skin irritation. Recommend. 

Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream is the perfect cream for those who have skin that requires “something extra.” The cream is formulated with high concentrations of CALAMINE to help protect the skin from outside irritations, PANTHENOL to calm and MADECASSOSIDE to soothe. It can also promote skin recovery after minor dermatological procedures as well as during and after monthly breakouts and blemishes. This pink, powdery cream assists in relieving the symptoms caused by exposure to irritating plants such as, but not limited to, Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. It is also ideal for use on sun burned skin. Continued applications of Cicarelief Cream to the affected areas can help avoid the use of steroid creams which are known to cause thinning of the skin and increased pore size.

More details and a complete ingredients list can be found on the product’s webpage.

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