ATOPALM Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm is Formulated to Revitalize, Moisturize and Smooth Tired Feet Through the Harshest Winter Months

ATOPALM Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm brings the company’s MLE technology combined with an arsenal of clinic-level ingredients to help the driest, cracked heels and get feet through the harshest winter.

ATOPALM, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, with a special focus on dry and sensitive skin types has developed its ATOPALM Foot and Heel Balm to help even the driest and most cracked of heels through the harshest winter weather. This cream contains the brand’s skin barrier repair MLE formula, the only one of its kind that identically mimic’s the skin barrier’s organic structure.

“Our feet take the brunt of everything we do. They carry us through the day, bear our weight and constantly endure the wear and tear of being enclosed in shoes. On top of that, winter time can dry out feet even worse. ATOPALM Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm is designed to refresh and hydrate tired feet with a special concentration of ingredients to smooth and beautiful cracked, dry heels, leaving the feet and heels with a healthier and more youthful texture,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, CEO and developer of ATOPALM skin care.

ATOPALM Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm is clinically proven to soften and smooth feet after five to ten days of proper use. It provides serious treatment for the most overworked and under-appreciated parts of the body. Helps eliminate dryness and unsightly cracking on feet and heels. MLE technology mimics the structure of natural skin lipids and aids in the restoration of the skins’ protective moisture barrier while helping to prevent over evaporation of the skins’ own moisture. Independent clinical studies showed the balm helped reduce dryness and cracked skin within 5 to 10 days of continuous use. A true blending of technical and traditional.

In addition to MLE, this foot cream also contains olive oil and extracts of grape seed, portulaca oleracea, and eucalyptus to reduce redness and discomfort while rejuvenating the entire foot area. This product is the best foot lotion and works as a superior cream for cracked heels and dry heels.

For a complete ingredients list and purchase information, visit the product’s webpage.

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