Zeroid Richenic Cream With Urea 5% Smoothes and Hydrates Dry, Cracked Skin All Through Harsh Winter

Winter time no longer needs to aggravate already dry and cracked skin. Zeroid Richenic Cream with 5% Urea provides ramped-up winter protection and relief for severely dry and cracked skin. Here are all the details.

Zeroid, K-Beauty’s leading skincare company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, has launched Zeroid Richenic Cream With Urea 5% to provide protection and relief for severely dry and cracked skin. Formerly available only in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices, Zeroid launched to international recognition when K-pop idol, posted a video of his skin care routine which includes Zeroid and the brand is now widely available online and budget-friendly.

“Urea has long been used for its dual ability to bring intense hydration to skin while at the same time breaking down deadened tissues and sloughing them off the skin to reveal the smoother, healthy skin underneath. We are using one of the highest percentages of Urea for skin care in the market,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, CEO and developer of Zeroid. “Combined with our other patented ingredients, Zeroid Richenic Cream is a complete skin care product for all skin types but in particular for people who suffer from severely dry and cracked skin and can act as a major ally to skin through the harshest weather.”

Zeroid Richenic Cream also includes the patented MLE skin barrier restoring formula that mimics a healthy skin barrier by incorporating its identical ceramide structure into the skin barrier, as well as Ceramide-9S which delivers extra hydrating ceramides into the skin that deliver deeper hydration that lasts longer.

Zeroid Richenic Cream also contains patented Defensamide, which stimulates the production of anti-microbial peptides which act like the body’s natural anti-biotic and aids in improving and reinforcing the functions of the skin barrier and the self-defense system. Silicone Elastomers create a layer on the skin that is breathable yet it binds moisture while keeping the skin aerated. Hyaluronic Acid, also a Natural Moisturizing Factor which binds moisture to the skin and effectively moisturizes and calms.

More information and a complete ingredients list can be found on the product’s webpage.

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