CURECODE Double Barrier Cream Flies off the Shelves at Shopee Thailand

Nearly 700 people with dry, sensitive skin grabbed up CURECODE Double Barrier Cream as soon as it appeared in its online shelf in Shopee Thailand. Many were return customers but even more tried the cream based on reviews alone. The result: 247 FIVE star reviews out of 259 reviews.

The CURECODE brand has been gathering popularity in Thailand for several years now since beauty influencers there began buzzing about this “game changer” in skin care, referring to Neuromide, a bio-identical component of the biome in charge of calming. Since then CURECODE Double Barrier Cream has garnered so many positive reviews that its latest sale campaign on Shopee, Southeast Asia’s largest online sales platform, resulted in mass repeat sales as well as new tries based solely on reviews. CURECODE Double Barrier Cream is K-Beauty’s first ever “smart” moisturizer with the patented super ceramide formula Neuromide and triple-biotics, formulated to help the restoring properties within the skin’s own biome for faster calming and skin barrier restoration.

The results led to 259 total reviews with 247 of those reviews five-stars, 11 four-stars and only one 3-star and that review was referring only to a slight delay in shipping, not the product itself. The average review made statements such as, “Came to buy based on reviews. I saw that it was good So I want to try it out. If it’s good, will come back to support again.” In yet another review, the buyer wrote, “The second tube already. This shop. Fast delivery, very pleased We use one tube for almost 3 months. I like it very much. The face is moist but not sticky. The face looks a lot stronger.” This same buyer tried another product after the sale and complained her acne returned and so went back to CURECODE Double Barrier Cream, with or without a sale.

CURECODE Double Barrier Cream contains an arsenal of intensive skin care ingredients, including two patented ceramides. Neuromide is formulated to act as mimic of a microbiome’ metabolite that works on calming skin irritation, launching the body’s own built in recovering process. Ceramide NP also boosts the ceramide levels in the skin barrier, actually stimulating the skin into believing its healthy and building itself up the way a strong skin barrier does. St. John’s Wort and a blend of skin nourishing oils and sunflower boost the skin’s nutrient levels while helping to calm and hydrate.

More information and a complete ingredient list can be found on the product page of the company’s website.

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