St. Johns Wort – What is it?

Choosing skin care products can feel tricky when all you have to rely on is marketing jargon and promises of flawless skin. It’s important to feel educated on skin care ingredients and how they work so that you can make more informed decisions on which skin care products, styles, and formulas are best for you.

In the spirit of transparency, we’d like to spotlight a formula that we’re incredibly proud of—the unique St. John’s Wort formula found in CureCode products. CureCode is a premier Korean skin care brand that has a devoted following around the world, and a lot of the love surrounding CureCode is thanks to the St. John’s Wort formula.

The star ingredient is, of course, St. John’s Wort itself. When used topically, St. John’s Wort supports skin healing by aiding in skin cell regeneration and boosting circulation, which brings more oxygen to damaged skin cells.

St John’s Wort provides anti-inflammatory actions, which works to diminish both inflammation itself, as well as the redness and itchiness caused by inflammation. It’s an excellent ingredient for those with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and acne.

The next ingredient in CureCode’s St. John’s Wort formula is allantoin, which is a skin care star known for reducing irritation and sensitivity. Allantoin is also known as comfrey extract and is derived from the comfrey plant, which has been used for centuries around the world to help heal minor skin injuries and inflammation.

In addition to its healing properties, allantoin is keratolytic, which means that it helps dead skin cells shed from the top layer of the skin. When dead skin cells shed well, the skin is smoother, softer, and more radiant. Not only that, but allantoin acts as an emollient that locks in moisture to prevent dryness and sensitivity AND facilitates collagen synthesis, which helps skin appear fuller and more youthful. It’s a powerhouse of an ingredient.

Lastly, the St. John’s Wort formula features centella asiatica extract, also known as tigerine. This swamp-based herb came to prominence via K-beauty, and was one of the first ingredients to set Korean skin care apart, specifically as part of the popular cica cream formulas.

Centella asiatica extract provides potent antioxidant action to both prevent and reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants are an important part of any skin care routine, but reinforcing the skin with antioxidants is essential when it comes to anti-aging skin care.

Along with antioxidant protection, centella asiatica extract is a rich source of amino acids, which work to calm and hydrate sensitive skin. These benefits reinforce the skin’s barrier layer, which helps reduce irritation while preventing future damage.

These three ingredients comprise CureCode’s unique St. John’s Wort formula. With the incredible benefits listed above, it’s no wonder why CureCode has become an integral part of so many Korean skin care routines around the world. Now it’s your turn to see the proven benefits of our St. John’s Wort formula when you add CureCode to your daily regimen.

Learn more about the amazing CureCode products here. 

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