CureCode is our very own microbiome-based skin care line

CureCode is our very own microbiome-based skin care line formulated to nourish skin with the power of probiotics. The idea behind CureCode is simple—what if we could give the skin more of what it naturally requires instead of relying on foreign substances and harsh chemicals? 

The answer to that question is NEUROMIDE, found only in CureCode products. NEUROMIDE is CureCode’s own patented postbiotic blend, which has the same structure as the skin’s natural protective microbiome barrier. By mimicking the skin’s natural barrier structure, it reinforces the skin’s natural protection against pathogenic attack. 

Along with NEUROMIDE, which acts as a postbiotic, CureCode features both prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria that can be ingested or used topically to bring up the count of good bacteria within their assigned microbiome. Prebiotics are generally fiber-rich carbs that act as food for the live probiotic bacteria.

Within CureCode, you’ll find sialyllactose, a prebiotic found in human breast milk that’s known for its immune system-building capabilities. In CureCode, it has been formulated for use in skin care products and functions the same way in helping the skin’s immune system against bacteria that can damage the skin barrier. 

For probiotic action, CureCode uses bifida ferment lysate, which works to reduce UV damage to skin, helping skin regain a healthy complexion.

Lastly, the star of the day—NEUROMIDE—comes in with postbiotic actions. Postbiotics include vitamin K and vitamin B, short-chain fatty acids, amino acids, and antimicrobial peptides which can slow down the growth of “bad” bacteria. While postbiotics used to be thought of as a result of pre- and probiotic action, many people are now looking for postbiotic ingredients in their skin care in order to reinforce the natural process of postbiotic creation.

You will only find NEUROMIDE in CureCode, a beloved K-beauty brand that offers clinic-level skin care for at-home use. Give your skin the gift of NEUROMIDE when you choose CureCode for your skin care needs.

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