Ingredient Spotlight – Squalane

Squalane is a star ingredient in the Zeroid Intensive line, but what is it and how does it help dry skin?

Squalene with an e is one of the components of human skin lipids. In fact, squalene is found in nearly all plants and animals, and is used by living things to lubricate and protect natural structures. Squalene imparts long lasting lubrication in the form of moisture, and is a main component of sebum aka skin oil.

In humans, squalene production peaks in the teen years (hello, oily skin and acne), but then begins a slow dropoff as we age. As squalene production decreases, skin becomes drier and rougher, and more prone to visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Sourcing squalene ranges from unethical to impractical, plus natural squalene isn’t stable enough for use in skin care products anyway. That’s where squalane comes in.

Squalane with an a is a hydrogenated form of squalene. This allows it to remain stable, and keeps it from oxidizing long enough to be used to benefit dry skin. Squalane is a near-identical match to natural squalene, which means that it is readily used by the skin to restore moisture and health.

Squalane is used in Zeroid Intensive because it is an excellent skin moisturizer and soother, and the skin recognizes it as a natural moisturizer which reduces the risk of the formula causing irritation. This makes Zeroid Intensive an excellent choice for those with extremely dry, sensitive skin, as well as those who are experiencing short-term troubled skin in need of extra soothing and healing help.

When it comes to calming extra dry, sensitive skin, skin care ingredients are an extremely important decision. With squalane, you can rest assured that your Zeroid Intensive products are giving the skin what it needs to restore balance and comfort.

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