Neuromide and Your Skin’s Microbiome

Microbe-based skin care may sound like a trend in your beauty newsfeed, but it’s much more than a fad. Over the past couple of years, microbiome-oriented skin care products have changed the way we think about supporting the skin’s health and wellness.

Your microbiome

Your body is host to a range of microorganisms which are organized by area into unique microbiomes. A microbiome is composed of fungi, bacteria, and viruses, most of which are beneficial to your body as a whole.

Your skin’s microbiome is responsible for managing inflammation and protecting against pathogenic attacks. The beneficial bacteria in your skin microbiome play an especially important role in killing pathogenic bacteria, which helps prevent skin infections.

Broken down like this, it’s easy to see why supporting your skin microbiome—and the microorganism life in your entire body—is important for long term health.

When the skin’s microbiome breaks down due to stress, pH changes, diet, or chronic inflammation, the imbalance can result in skin infections or skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, or acne. That’s when microbiome skin care can help.

Probiotics vs. Tribiotics

Most people are familiar with prebiotics and probiotics, and the role they play within the body, specifically in regards to gut health. The term postbiotic may feel less familiar, but it is simply the term used for the beneficial waste left behind after prebiotics and postbiotics do their job.

If it’s been a minute since you learned these terms, here’s a quick reminder:

Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria that can be ingested or used topically to bring up the count of good bacteria within their assigned microbiome. Prebiotics are generally fiber-rich carbs that act as food for the live probiotic bacteria.

Postbiotics include vitamin K and vitamin B, short-chain fatty acids, amino acids, and antimicrobial peptides which can slow down the growth of “bad” bacteria. While postbiotics used to be thought of as a result of pre- and probiotic action, many people are now looking for postbiotic ingredients in their skin care in order to reinforce the natural process of postbiotic creation.

One such skin care line is our very own CureCode, formulated with Tribiotics, the term coined to describe the use of all tri-biotic ingredients in our CureCode skin care formulations.

The results you can expect

When using CureCode, the products’ Tribiotic formulas will help your skin microbiome flourish, resulting in a true balance of health and beauty.

To give you an idea of what you can expect with CureCode use, here’s a glimpse at the pre-, pro- and postbiotics used in the Tribiotic blend.

Prebiotics: Sialyllactose is found in human breast milk and is known for its immune system-building capabilities. In CureCode, it has been formulated for use in skin care products and functions the same way in helping the skin’s immune system against bacteria that can damage the skin barrier.

N-acetyl glucosamine is a prebiotic to lactobacillus, known for its ability to reduce dark spots and regulate acne-causing bacteria. By helping to build up lactobacillus, N-acetyl glucosamine aids in evening the skin’s tone and appearance.

Probiotics: Bifida ferment lysate works to reduce UV damage to skin, helping skin regain a healthy complexion.

Postbiotics: NEUROMIDE is CureCode’s own patented ingredient, which has the bio-identical structure with microbiome’s metabolite . By mimicking the skin’s natural barrier structure, it helps the skin’s natural protection.

Focusing on health IS focusing on beauty

After learning about the skin’s microbiome and how to properly support it for skin health, you’re ready to begin your Tribiotic journey! When you turn your attention to supporting your skin’s health, you will be gaining the beauty benefits that only healthy skin can bring.

Don’t waste your time on quick fixes or superficial appearance-based formulas. Rely on the wisdom of your body, and give it what it needs to create true beauty—the kind that can only come from self-care.

Learn more about the amazing CureCode products here. 

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