New Products from CureCode

We have NEW additions to the best-selling CureCode Line! CureCode is a beloved K-beauty brand that offers clinic-level skin care for at-home use. CureCode uses a patented ingredient called NEUROMIDE alongside MES to provide specialized care for dry, sensitive skin. Users of CureCode know that there is nothing like the care it provides to skin. Whether you’re a longtime CureCode user or you’re ready to try it for the first time, our two new … Continue reading New Products from CureCode

Neuromide and Your Skin’s Microbiome

Microbe-based skin care may sound like a trend in your beauty newsfeed, but it’s much more than a fad. Over the past couple of years, microbiome-oriented skin care products have changed the way we think about supporting the skin’s health and wellness. Your microbiome Your body is host to a range of microorganisms which are organized by area into unique microbiomes. A microbiome is composed … Continue reading Neuromide and Your Skin’s Microbiome